Impact Consumer Research

Expertise designs the research. Experience gets it right.

Your project demands rigorous attention to detail, thoughtful analysis, and original insights delivered with the client service you can only get from an expert. Impact brings more than 20 years of research discipline to sample quality, survey design and data interpretation.

Quality Sampling

Quality sampling

Targeting the right respondents is essential to success. We are experts at connecting with your universe of current and prospective customers to find out where you are in the market, where you want to go, and how to get there.

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Product Testing Panel

Product testing

From concept to prototype testing, we have extensive experience in a full range of customized methods, including monadic, paired comparison, sequential monadic, and proto-monadic in-home use testing (IHUT).

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Market Landscape Panel

Market landscape research

We offer a complete menu of custom-designed attitudinal and usage research that reveals what your customers are thinking, where they are shopping, what they are buying, and the factors that are driving their choices.

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Higher Education

Higher education

Attitudes toward a university and its services change over time. We employ a broad spectrum of data collection methods that help institutions of higher learning with market planning, new curriculum development and competitive intelligence.

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Impact Consumer Research